Six Tips to Keep the Exterior of Your INFINITI Looking Magnificent

February 12th, 2024 by

Tips to Keep Your INFINITI Exterior Looking Great

Keeping Your INFINITI Exterior Looking Great Year Round is Simple

One of the many reasons to purchase a modern INFINITI is its stunning, high-end design that draws attention from passersby as you roam around the Denver Metro region. Throughout the year, you’ll routinely find yourself encountering driving scenarios that will inevitably leave your vehicle dirty and require care to stay looking at its best. Mike Ward INFINITI in Highlands Ranch, CO, wants you to know that maintaining a glistening exterior is easy to achieve. We would like to offer you our six favorite tips to make sure that you’re always presenting the most dynamic version of your INFINITI possible as you head to your various destinations across the Front Range.

Six Tips to Maintaining a Gorgeous Exterior on Your INFINITI

Make It a Regular Routine – 

The more often you keep up on washing and detailing your vehicle’s exterior, the less effort it takes to maintain that illustrious shine you desire. As such, don’t limit your washes to when the dirt and other grime have become noticeably abundant on your vehicle. Make it a habit to do a touch-up wash every week or two for maintenance. 

Invest in Proper Cleaning Equipment –

Your vehicle’s paint can be affected when improper equipment is used to clean it. For example, you’ll have a more complete experience when using lint-free microfiber cloths or chamois to wipe off your vehicle instead of a paper towel or traditional washcloth. Traditional washcloths can also potentially scratch your paint if not careful. We also recommend using a bucket and dedicated car sponge for washing to prevent contamination with other cleaning materials.

Only Use Cleaning Products Made for Automobiles! –

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use detergents that are made for use on vehicles as opposed to conventional soaps and cleaners. These special cleaners are formulated to properly clean your vehicle’s exterior by working with the paint to prevent streaking and other undesirable consequences that result from using everyday soaps. You’ll appreciate the investment into these special items once you do your first wash with them. 

Consider Waxing to Maintain a Superior Shine –

Car wax does more than deliver that high-quality shine you crave as you drive across Colorado. The substance also adds another layer of protection for your vehicle against dirt, rain, and other things that can leave your vehicle looking less than ideal. Taking the time to apply a coat of wax after your wash will provide long-lasting protection that you’ll love. 

Don’t Forget the Tires! –

While you can easily focus on the paint of your INFINITI, your tires and wheel wells are the areas of your vehicle that become dirtiest the quickest. As such, properly cleaning them during every full car washing session maintains their stunning visual appeal. This time also helps keep everything functioning properly with clean brakes. 

Find a Quality Detailing Location for More Demanding Needs –

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your vehicle will suffer a dent or scratches. While there are tools available to try and quickly repair these if you want to try and fix them yourself, we recommend letting the professionals handle these issues. You’ll immediately see the difference when individuals trained in appropriately fixing these issues work on your vehicle as opposed to handling it yourself. 


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