Should You Purchase a New or Gently Pre-Owned INFINITI in Colorado?

March 18th, 2024 by

Is a New or Gently Pre-Owned INFINITI Right for Me?

Should You Get a New or Gently Pre-Owned INFINITI Today?

You deserve to own a vehicle that exudes pure class while also providing enough performance to make every adventure thrilling. A new or gently pre-owned INFINITI model from Mike Ward INFINITI in Highlands Ranch, CO, is a perfect option if you desire this exciting combination. Not only can you anticipate driving around the Denver Metro region in a car or SUV with robust driving capability, but everyone in the vehicle will adore the classy and immersive interior they are in. Let our team help you determine whether or not a new INFINITI model or one of our quality gently pre-owned options is the right vehicle for you and your family today!

New vs. Pre-Owned INFINITI Decision

New INFINITI Models – 

Owning a new INFINITI means purchasing a vehicle with the latest in performance and interior feature quality available on the market today. You also get to have the benefit of putting virtually every mile onto the engine when you drive it away from our convenient Front Range dealership. You can search our extensive inventory for a vehicle with all the latest features and technology to meet your wants and needs.  Or, you can order a model with exactly what you desire in your luxurious INFINITI. 

Gently Pre-Owned INFINITI Models –

Our pre-owned INFINITI inventory is home to a variety of high-quality models that we have made sure are ready to be owned by an excited customer who wants an even more accessible way to step into a modern INFINITI. For example, choosing a Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI means you can be confident that the vehicle has met strict criteria set by the brand for age, mileage, and passing an extensive inspection process. These newer model year pre-owned models also come with competitive performance and interior quality that will allow you to enjoy the drive just like if you were cruising around in a new vehicle.   Due to the lower pre-owned price, you might be able to purchase a vehicle with more innovations and features than you might if purchasing new.  

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