5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vehicle Test Drive

January 8th, 2024 by

5 Test Drive Tips

Why You Should Test Drive a New INFINITI in Colorado

The best way to experience the pure majesty and exciting performance of a recent model year INFINITI like the Q50 or the QX80 is by test-driving it. Mike Ward INFINITI in Highlands Ranch, CO, would like to suggest five ways of how you can make your test-driving experience with us as enjoyable and informative as it can be! By going into your test drive appointment with these tips in mind, we are confident that you’ll have a great test drive of a new INFINITI that you will be confident in purchasing after your test is complete. 

How Do You Make Your Test Drive Successful in Colorado?

1. Do Your Research!

Before your appointment with us at Mike Ward INFINITI, we encourage you to browse the vehicle you are looking to test drive from our online inventory. You’ll receive relevant information on elements including the engine, the drivetrain, and any interior comfort and infotainment amenities that are designed to elevate your cruising experience to its fullest potential.

2. Bring Everyday Travel Items to the Appointment

Since you are looking to make this new INFINITI an everyday cruiser in and around the Denver Metro region, you want to make sure it will easily carry everything you’ll regularly have with you on your daily trips. This includes work items such as laptop cases or everyday items such as backpacks and car seats. Even the smallest items such as smartphone chargers should be brought along so that you see how they interact with the features in the INFINITI.

3. Take a Thorough Look Around the INFINITI

We heavily encourage that you take a few moments when you arrive at our dealership for your test drive appointment to thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of the INFINITI you will be driving. This is important as you can make sure everything about the vehicle meets your expectations before you set out on the road for the drive.

4. Ask Your Test Drive Representative Additional Questions

Whether before or during the test drive, the representative assigned to your test drive appointment is there to answer any additional questions you have about the vehicle. This includes if you are uncertain about a certain feature that is in the INFINITI you are currently test driving. 

5. Drive Like You Normally Do During the Test Drive Itself

The best way to get the full experience from your test drive is to drive the vehicle how you normally do with your current family cruiser. This will allow you to accurately assess the performance of the INFINITI in terms of both engine power and braking capability. We will also make sure that you are taking a route that allows you to fully take advantage of every aspect of the INFINITI you are operating.   Remember to always keep safety in mind while driving during your test drive.

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