2020 INFINITI QX60 Provides Innovative Safety Features For Colorado Driving

June 24th, 2019 by


The brand new 2020 INFINITI QX60 crossover may not be available yet, but there has been a lot of information presenting itself on all the amazing features the new model year is offering.  Some of the most impressive features that will be available in the QX60 are the helpful safety user technologies that are plentiful! 

The distance control assist system is designed to work with your cruise control system to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in the same lane as you.  When this feature is activated, a visual will pop up on your dashboard that allows you to decide the distance you want to keep!  The drive mode selector allows you to fully optimize your performance by letting you change the type of drive you want depending on the conditions you’re met with.  These modes include standard for normal driving, sport for a change in your engine and transmission output, snow for changing your engine for reducing wheel spinning, and eco which also changes the engine and transmission to reduce your emission output and improve fuel efficiency.   

The blind spot warning and the blind spot intervention systems will allow you to detect other vehicles in your blind spot that you might not otherwise see.  The radar sensors are on the back bumper of your vehicle so that it can sense when a vehicle is approaching from the side and a light shows you that there is a vehicle next to you.  If you try to turn on your turn signal, your QX60 will chime twice at you as a warning.  Another great feature is the Around View monitor with moving object detection.  These cameras allow you to view all your surroundings while parking, which can help in busier parking lots or in parallel parking instances. 

Although the 2020 INFINITI QX60 isn’t available yet, you can drive home in a 2019 INFINITI QX60 which shares a lot of these available features.  Here at Mike Ward INFINITI we have a great inventory of the current model year, so stop in today to look!