2023 INFINITI Q50 vs 2023 BMW 330i Luxury Sedans in Colorado

2023 INFINITI Q50 2023 BMW 330i

The 2023 INFINITI Q50 vs. 2023 BMW 330

The 2023 INFINITI Q50 is a premium luxury sedan that invites drivers to take command of whatever roadway they find themselves on. Packing a robust baseline powertrain and plenty of superior upscale elements, the Q50 is a majestic vehicle for Denver Metro cruising. Compared to other well-known sedan options such as the baseline 2023 BMW 330i, the INFINITI showcases its superior performance excellently. Driving around Colorado in the 2023 INFINITI Q50 is a revitalizing experience that is desirable to many customers in the region.  


With a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine propelling the main powertrain of the 2023 INFINITI Q50, the sedan significantly outperforms the powertrain found in the baseline BMW 330i. All 300 horsepower that the INFINITI offers encourages the driver to zip around the highway with all the satisfying power at their command. Meanwhile, the standard engine in the BMW sedan is a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder variety. Only generating 255 horsepower, the lack of on-demand performance is noticeable between the two sedans. The Q50 is paired with an automatic seven-speed transmission, while the 330i comes with a standard eight-speed automatic transmission. A RWD platform is the standard drivetrain for both sedans, and AWD can be equipped instead.  

Interior Features

When a Colorado driver and their family step into a 2023 INFINITI Q50, they are met with a cabin that has a regal feel. Both it and the BMW 330i have superior leather upholstery on their seating to give their interiors an upscale and comfortable feel. The pair of sedans hold onto their standing as superb vehicles thanks to their diverse array of infotainment features. Integrated Wi-Fi® hotspots ensure that reliable Internet access is possible all over Colorado. Compatible smartphones can connect to their respective systems through mediums such as Bluetooth®, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Subscriptions to SiriusXM® radio also come with the purchase of either sedan.  

Safety Features

The 2023 INFINITI Q50 comes packed with standard driver-assistance technology that is optional in the 2023 BMW 330i. One of the premium options that the INFINITI comes equipped with is Adaptive Cruise Control for much easier highway travels. The BMW has this as an option on select trims of the vehicle. Systems such as the Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention system come standard on the INFINITI as well. Lane Departure Warning is another standard feature on the INFINITI sedan that is an option on the BMW sedan. This makes the INFINITI the prime option of the two for keeping occupants safe in everyday driving scenarios.  

Purchase or Lease the 2023 INFINITI Q50 at Mike Ward INFINITI

With substantial baseline performance and plenty of assistance technology that is not present in the BMW, the 2023 INFINITI Q50 is a fantastic choice for a new luxury sedan that caters to a family’s needs. Visit Mike Ward INFINITI in Highlands Ranch, CO, and let us help you find the Q50 that you will love cruising around the Denver Metro region in. When you choose us for your high-end vehicle shopping needs, you get to have a top-end experience that is well-regarded by local Denver Metro customers.  


  2023 INFINITI Q50    2023 BMW 330i 
Base MSRP  $42,650  $43,295 
Horsepower  300 HP  255 HP 
City Estimated MPG:  20 MPG  25 MPG 
Highway Estimated MPG:    29 MPG  34 MPG